Are you looking for Electric Fencing For Sale & Installation? Get connected with Electric Fence Installer experts in your area!

Are you looking for Electric Fencing For Sale & Installation? Get connected with Electric Fence Installer experts in your area!

Securing your property with electric fencing is a smart move. Take advantage of our wide range of electric fencing products and services, designed to serve both residential and commercial needs. Find an Electric Fence Installer near me!

With options including temporary installations for events or permanent solutions for home or business security, we’ve got you covered.

  • Connect with highly experienced Electric Fence installers in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and other major areas in South Africa today.

In the world of electric fencing installations, quality matters.

The average cost of installing an electric fence can vary from R180 per meter to R1 500 per meter depending on your requirements – whether it’s a simple 6-strand wall top or an advanced 30-stranded free-standing setup.

The World of Electric Fencing: An Introduction to Its Definition and Operation

The World of Electric Fencing: An Introduction to Its Definition and Operation

Looking to secure your property or livestock with reliable electric fencing? Did you know that these innovative barriers have been effectively safeguarding properties and animals for over a century?

  • This comprehensive guide will enlighten you about different types of electric fences, their components and installation techniques to help you make the best choice.

Stick around as we delve deep into everything you need to know about one of South Africa’s most popular security solutions: Electric Fencing.

10 Positive Aspects of Electric Fencing in South Africa

  1. Electric fences deliver a mild shock upon touch, which serves as a potent deterrent to potential intruders or wildlife.
  2. These fences are highly customizable according to your needs and can restrict the movement of both small animals and potential humanoid trespassers.
  3. Electric fences require minimal maintenance once installed correctly, saving you time and related costs in the long run.
  4. The flexibility of electric fence allows for easy expansion or modification as your needs evolve.
  5. With the maximum voltage allowed being 10,000 volts, safety remains paramount while still providing effective boundary control.
  6. Electric fence is an efficient security solution suitable for commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural installations.
  7. Using sustainable solar-powered options cuts down on energy consumption over time while preserving environmental resources.
  8. Electric fence serves not just as a physical barrier but also a psychological one, instilling fear into potential trespassers with its reputation for delivering shocks upon contact.
  9. It fits perfectly within South Africa’s diverse ecosystems without causing harm to local fauna like tortoises due to its controlled voltage output.
  10. Modern electric fences also come with alarm systems that alert owners in case of breaches or malfunctions thereby increasing their effectiveness as security mechanisms.

Different Forms of Electric Fencing in South Africa

Secure your perimeter now with permanent electric fencing, or choose easy and quick temporary installation. Looking for a sustainable option? Try solar electric fencing. Read on to explore the various forms of electric fencing in South Africa.

Permanent Electric Fencing: Secure Your Perimeter Now

Permanent electric fencing provides a reliable way to secure your property’s perimeter.

  • These barriers, designed for extended use, deter unwanted intrusions from both humans and animals.

By delivering a non-lethal shock upon touch, electric fences act as the perfect deterrent while prioritizing safety.

  • Due to myriads of user-friendly features like battery backup and alarm systems, you can stay assured of optimal security even during power outages or attempts at tampering.

Similarly, installing permanent electric fencing enhances the overall value of your property by boosting its aesthetic appeal and establishing visual boundaries around it.

So, consider topping off your walls with electrified wiring for an added layer of protection right away!

Easy and Quick Temporary Electric Fencing Installation

Temporary electric fence offers a cost-effective and easily installed solution for many South Africans requiring portable barriers.

  • Particularly favoured by farmers, it efficiently prevents livestock from trampling crops while ensuring optimal paddock use.

The installation process demands specific materials and techniques, but with the right information at hand, you won’t face any major obstacles.

Despite its temporary nature, this type of fencing is remarkably sturdy – proving itself to be an excellent choice for those seeking swift and reliable installation options in their pursuit of property protection or animal containment.

Choose Sustainable Solar Electric Fencing Installation

Solar-powered electric fences stand as a beacon of sustainability in South Africa.

  • These eco-friendly installations reduce your reliance on the traditional electrical grid, cutting down energy consumption while maintaining high levels of security for your property.

Owners find them to be cost-effective alternatives to conventional electric fences due to their efficient energy usage.

  • Harnessing power directly from sunlight, solar panels provide continuous power supply even during periods of power outage or load shedding.

You can count on this resilient system any day and in any weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for both urban and remote areas with limited access to electricity.

Assorted Electric Fence Components [Electric Fencing Products]

Electric fences are made up of several key components. One important feature is the electric fence energizer.

  • This device generates electrical energy and sends it into insulated fence wires at regular intervals.

The energizer, often powered by solar or battery power, is a vital part of any efficient electric fencing setup.

  • Other integral parts include insulators and posts that provide structure to the fence while preventing electricity leakages.

Insulators can be mounted on wooden posts for permanent setups, or on metal stakes for temporary installations.

  • Different types of wires like high-tensile wire, tape wire, polywire, and polytape are used based on specific needs like livestock control or yard protection.

Additionally, various accessories aid in maintaining optimal operation levels such as voltage testers to monitor power output and grounding rods to ensure safe dispersal of excess electricity into the ground.

  • It’s crucial to understand these components when considering electric fencing installation prices or planning a DIY project in South Africa’s provinces like Gauteng or Cape Town with builders’ warehouse products for home security solutions.

Finally, all components must comply with safety standards indicated by an Electric Fence Compliance Certificate Signify which ensures each product contributes positively towards an effective electrified perimeter solution whether it’s a residential area in Johannesburg or a commercial establishment in Pretoria East.

Assorted Electric Fence Energizers and Uses

Here are some types of electric fence energizers and their uses:

  1. AC (Alternating Current) Energizers: These energizers work well for permanent fencing solutions, drawing power directly from the mains.
  2. DC (Direct Current) Energizers: Ideal for remote locations or areas with unreliable power sources, these energizers are powered by 12-volt batteries.
  3. Dual-Powered Energizers: Offering flexibility, these devices can operate using either main power or a 12-volt battery.
  4. Solar-Powered Energizers: Great for remote installations or moving fences regularly, these units are environmentally friendly and utilise the sun’s energy to recharge batteries.
  5. High Output Energizers: Best used in animal management applications where larger livestock need stronger deterrents to prevent them from testing the fences.
  6. Low Impedance Energizer: Suited for fencing systems with heavy vegetation, as they can maintain high energy levels over longer distances and challenging conditions.
  7. Battery-operated Energizers: Portable and easy to install, they offer an excellent option for temporary fencing needs like controlling grazing patterns of animals.

Assorted Electric Fencing wired and Uses

  1. High-Tensile Electric Fencing: This type of electric fencing uses high-tensile wire, which is known for its strength and durability. It is commonly used for enclosing large areas and keeping livestock secure.
  2. Tape Electric Fencing: Tape electric fence consists of wide, ribbon-like tape that is easy to see and serves as a visual deterrent for animals. It is often used in horse pastures or paddocks.
  3. Rope Electric Fencing: Rope electric fence is made up of braided ropes that provide excellent conductivity. It is commonly used to contain livestock such as cattle and goats.
  4. Polywire Electric Fencing: Polywire electric fence consists of thin strands of wire intertwined with polyethylene filaments. It is lightweight, easy to install, and ideal for temporary fencing solutions.
  5. Polytape Electric Fencing: Polytape electric fence features wider strands of conductive tape, making it more visible to animals. It is often used for containing horses or smaller livestock.
  6. Portable Electric Fencing: Portable electric fence systems are designed to be easily moved around as needed. They are commonly used for temporary enclosures or rotational grazing systems.

Assorted Electric Fence Accessories and Tools and Uses

  1. Fencer/Energizer: Provides the electrical charge to the fence, ensuring that it is active and able to deliver a shock when necessary.
  2. Ground rods: Grounds the electric fence system, preventing excess electricity from building up and reducing the risk of electrical damage or injury.
  3. Wire: Conducts electricity throughout the fence, creating a path for the electrical current to flow.
  4. Insulators: Securely hold the wire in place while preventing it from making contact with other objects or structures that could cause grounding.
  5. Corner strainers: Used to tension and support the wire at corners or changes in direction, keeping the fencing taut and secure.
  6. Gates: Provide access points through the electric fence for people, vehicles, or animals while maintaining security when closed.
  7. Braces: Strengthen and stabilize sections of the electric fence that may be subject to greater stress or pressure.
  8. Posts: Support the wire along its length and provide structure for a secure electric fencing system.

Skilled Electric Fencing Services in South Africa

Find expert electric fencing services for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and wildlife management needs in South Africa.

Skilled Residential Electric Fencing

Skilled Residential Electric Fencing specializes in installing electric fences for residential properties in South Africa.

  • Our highly experienced teams provide top-quality customer service and deliver professional installations.

With a focus on affordability and hassle-free installation, we guarantee all the work we do.

  • Whether you need an electric fence for security or to keep your pets safe, our skilled technicians have got you covered.

Trust Skilled Residential Electric Fencing for reliable and effective solutions to meet your residential fencing needs.

Skilled Commercial Electric Fencing

Experts specialize in providing skilled commercial electric fencing services in South Africa.

  • Our team of certified technicians has extensive experience in designing and installing electric fence systems for commercial properties.

We understand the unique security needs of businesses, and our skilled approach ensures that your premises are effectively protected against unauthorized access.

  • Whether you need a new installation, repairs, or regular maintenance for your commercial electric fence, we have you covered.

Trust experts to deliver professional and reliable solutions for your commercial electric fencing needs.

Skilled Industrial Electric Fencing

Skilled Industrial Electric Fencing is a specialized service provided in South Africa for businesses and industries.

  • It involves the installation, maintenance, and repair of electric fences specifically designed to enhance security and protect valuable assets.

These skilled professionals are knowledgeable about the power and earthing requirements necessary for proper installation, as well as compliance with safety regulations and national standards.

By utilizing their expertise, industrial establishments can ensure that their electric fencing systems are effective deterrents against unauthorized access or intruders.

Skilled Agricultural Electric Fencing

Skilled agricultural electric fencing is essential for farmers who want to protect their crops and livestock from potential threats.

  • This type of fencing utilizes energizers with two terminals that charge a thin insulated wire, delivering a safe but effective shock to deter animals from crossing boundaries.

With the proper implementation and location, agricultural electric fences can prevent trampling, contain livestock, and optimize grazing areas.

  • Additionally, these fences have proven to be an effective tool in mitigating human-elephant conflict and ensuring the conservation of elephants in human-dominated landscapes.

Trusting skilled professionals to install and maintain your agricultural electric fencing will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your farm is secure.

Skilled Wildlife Management Electric Fencing

Experts in South Africa strongly recommend the use of skilled wildlife management electric fencing.

  • This type of fencing is designed specifically to address the needs and challenges of wildlife conservation.

The Electric Fencing Projects manual provides valuable guidance on how to design and construct these fences, ensuring their effectiveness in protecting wildlife while minimizing harm to smaller animals.

  • In fact, electric fencing has proven to be an effective tool for managing elephants in areas where human activities intersect with their habitats.

Moreover, implementing community-based electric fences can contribute not only to wildlife conservation but also to poverty reduction.

Specialized Electric Fencing for Animals in South Africa Tailored Animal Electric Fencing Solutions in South Africa

Install Expert Equine Electric Fences, Livestock Electric Fence, Poultry Electric Fence, and Pet Electric Fences for the utmost security and safety of your animals.

Install Expert Equine Electric Fencing

Professional companies offer expert installation of equine electric fencing systems, catering to both professional and lifestyle equine farms in South Africa.

  • With their specialized knowledge and experience, they ensure that the fencing is installed correctly and safely.

These systems are designed to pass a low-voltage current through the fence, providing effective containment for horses without causing harm.

  • By choosing professional companies as your installer, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equine farm will be equipped with top-quality electric fencing products.

Trust the experts to install reliable and durable equine electric fence on your property.

Install Expert Livestock Electric Fencing

Installing expert livestock electric fencing is essential for ensuring the safety and containment of animals in South Africa.

  • Electric fences provide a reliable barrier that helps to keep livestock secure, preventing them from wandering off or being targeted by predators.

These fences are designed with top-quality materials, ensuring longevity and peak performance.

  • With an expert installation, you can rest assured knowing that your livestock will be protected and confined within designated areas, giving you peace of mind and safeguarding your investment in your animals.

Trust the professionals to install efficient and effective electric fence tailored specifically for your livestock needs.

Install Expert Poultry Electric Fencing

Install expert poultry electric fencing to keep your chickens safe and secure.

  • Electric fencing is a popular choice for poultry protection in South Africa, offering effective containment and preventing predators from getting too close.

When installed correctly with low-voltage current, it will not harm your animals.

  • Hiring a reliable contractor ensures that the installation is done professionally, giving you peace of mind knowing that your chickens are well-protected.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to the safety of your poultry – opt for expert electric fence installation today.

Install Expert Pet Electric Fencing

Installing expert pet electric fencing is a reliable and effective way to keep your pets safe and secure.

  • With the correct installation, it can provide a barrier that prevents pets from escaping or wandering into dangerous areas.

Expert pet electric fence uses a low-voltage current that is safe for animals but acts as a deterrent to keep them within designated boundaries.

By installing this type of fencing, you can have peace of mind knowing that your beloved pets are protected while still giving them the freedom to play and roam safely in your yard.

Expert Electric Fence Installation, Maintenance and Repairs in South Africa

Expert electric fence installation, maintenance, and repair services are available in South Africa to ensure the safety and compliance of your electric fence system.

  • These skilled professionals specialize in fault finding and repairs on electric fences and energizers.

They offer comprehensive installations, and regular maintenance, and supply the necessary certificates of compliance required by South African law for selling a house.

  • Whether you need commercial or residential electric fencing services, these experts have the expertise to handle all your needs across South Africa.

Trust their knowledge and experience to provide top-notch service and keep your property secure.

What Does the Electric Fence Compliance Certificate Signify in South Africa?

The Electric Fence Compliance Certificate (EFC) is a crucial document in South Africa that property owners must obtain alongside the Electrical Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

  • The EFC confirms that an electric fence installation meets all necessary safety regulations and guidelines outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

It serves as proof that the electric fence is in good working order, ensuring the safety of occupants and compliance with government legislation.

  • When selling a property with an electric fence, it is legally required to have both the EFC and CoC to demonstrate compliance.

Only registered and accredited electric fencing companies can issue an EFC, guaranteeing that your installation has been thoroughly assessed for its safety and adherence to regulations.

Side by Side Comparison: Electric Fencing Installer near me vs DIY Approach

Electric Fencing Installer DIY Approach
Cost While the initial cost might be higher due to professional service fees, an expert installer’s workmanship can save you from expensive repairs or replacements in the future. The DIY approach might seem cost-effective at first, but potential errors during installation could lead to costly fixes later.
Time An expert installer can complete the job accurately and quickly due to their experience and proficiency. A DIY project will take more time, especially if you lack experience in electric fencing installation.
Quality Experts use quality materials and follow industry standards to ensure a durable and reliable fence. The quality of a DIY fence depends on your skill level and the materials you choose.
Maintenance & Repairs Most electric fencing installers offer maintenance and repair services, ensuring the longevity of your fence. If you go the DIY route, you will be responsible for all upkeep and repair tasks.
Compliance A professional installer will ensure your fence complies with local regulations, potentially saving you from fines or penalties. Unless you are familiar with your local regulations, a DIY fence may not comply, resulting in penalties.

Use our help to find you Expert Electric Fencing Installers near me

Looking for expert electric fencing installers in your area? Look no further!

  • Our company specializes in connecting customers with skilled professionals who can handle all your electric fence needs.

Whether you need installation, maintenance, or repairs, our team has got you covered. We even offer compliance inspections and certification services to ensure that your electric fence meets the necessary safety standards.

  • With our help, you can find the right experts near you who can provide top-notch service and guarantee a perfect installation or repair.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to securing your property – let us connect you with expert electric fencing installers today!

Electric Fence Pricing and Setup Fees in South Africa [Price per Meter Price List – Electric Fencing Prices]

Electric fence pricing in South Africa varies depending on the type of installation and number of strands.

  • On average, the cost ranges from R85 per meter for a 6-strand fence to R350 per meter for a 30-strand fence.

These prices include both materials and labour costs.

For specific installations, such as a wall top or free-standing fence, the prices can range from R180 per meter to R1 500 per meter. It’s important to note that these prices are subject to change and do not include VAT.

  • When considering electric fencing, it’s essential to factor in setup fees. The labour costs for installation typically range from R1 000 to R2 000 per day.

To get an accurate quote for your specific needs and requirements, it is recommended to consult with professional electric fencing installers who can provide you with an estimate based on your property size and desired level of security.

In conclusion, when planning for electric fence in South Africa, it is crucial to consider both the price per meter and any setup fees involved.

  • By working with experienced professionals who offer quality products and services at competitive rates, you can ensure proper installation while staying within budget.

Provinces and Areas in South Africa with Available Electric Fencing Services

Provinces and Areas in South Africa with Available Electric Fencing Services

  1. Gauteng
  2. Garden Route
  3. Johannesburg
  4. Alberton
  5. Boksburg
  6. Centurion
  7. Midrand
  8. Polokwane
  9. Pretoria
  10. Pretoria East
  11. Port Elizabeth
  12. Cape Town
  13. Durban
  14. Edenvale
  15. Randburg

Conclusion: Ensure a Perfect Installation or Repair with Expert Electric Fence Installers

Conclusion: Ensure a Perfect Installation or Repair with Expert Electric Fence Installers

Get peace of mind and ensure flawless electric fence installation or repair by hiring expert electric fence installers.

  • They have the knowledge, experience, and skills to get the job done right.

Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to securing your property with an electric fence.

Contact professional installers today!


1. What is electric fencing?

Electric fence is a security system that uses an electric shock to deter animals or people from crossing a boundary.

2. Where can I find nearby electric fence installations?

You can search for ‘electric fencing near me’ online, or visit local stores like Builders Warehouse for installation services in locations such as Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.

3. Can you use electric fences for homes and pets?

Yes, there are various types of electric fence suitable for homes, dogs, cats and other livestock like cattle, horses, sheep and pigs.

4. How safe is electrified fencing?

When installed correctly using quality materials such as insulators and grounding methods provided by trusted brands, it promises safe entry with appropriate voltage levels reducing risks to users both humans and animals alike.

5. Is the cost of installing an electric fence high?

Prices may vary based on factors such as the type of wire used (e.g., wireless or battery-powered), required maintenance repairs over time and location-specific factors but many providers offer competitive rates including options for DIY kits.

6. Does Electric Fencing work in agricultural settings?

Certainly! Electric fences are used quite commonly in agriculture to manage livestock efficiently; they not only keep predators out but also ensure the safety of farm animals thereby enhancing overall productivity.